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Museum Booklets

Minehead Museum regularly produces slim publications detailing various subjects of historical interest in and about Minehead.
All publications have been researched and compiled by local residents.

How to order: The following titles can be ordered by contacting Sue at Genge Press: | 01643 706461

Cheques welcome. Please make payable to Minehead Museum and send to:
Minehead Museum, Beach Hotel Complex, The Avenue, Minehead TA24 5AP

Postage & Packaging: £2.00 for one book, plus an additional 50p for each further title.
Alternatively, publications can also be purchased direct from Minehead Museum during opening hours.

Mules Go to War: The Story of Minehead’s Mule Squadron 1914-1916

Hundreds of mules spent time in Minehead before serving on the Western Front during WWI. This booklet includes short biographies of the local men who worked with them and prepared them for the rigours of war. Painstaking research by Rita Tremain and Ian Davidson has revealed some fascinating and previously unknown stories. Compiled and edited by Geoff Lloyd.

Published 2024

Blenheim Gardens booklet front cover

Minehead’s Blenheim Gardens

This book tells the story of the Gardens opened in 1925 and their place in Minehead’s history. It also offers a circular walk, pointing out seasonal highlights and drawing attention to some of the most interesting trees and shrubs. The trees mentioned are marked on the map of the Gardens in the centre of the book.

Published 2022

Memories of Minehead
Recollections of a bygone era, compiled by Minehead Museum.
Published 2021

Minehead Pier In Miniature
Compiled by Minehead Museum to illustrate the relatively short life of Minehead’s one and only pier.
Published 2022

Cover image for Minehead Angels booklet

Minehead’s Angels
The Story of Minehead’s VAD – women who served the Red Cross
Research by Ian Davidson
Prepared for publication by Geoff Lloyd
Published 2021

Minehead's Fallen cover image

Minehead’s Fallen
The men who died 1939-1945
Research by Ian Davidson
Prepared for publication by Geoff Lloyd
Published 2020

Minehead’s Sacrifice
The men who died 1914-1918
Research by Ian Davidson
Prepared for publication by Geoff Lloyd
Published 2019

Minehead – A Little History
By Caroline Giddens
Retells the story of Minehead
Published 2019

Minehead Town Walks
By Sue Lloyd
Explore historical Minehead on foot
Published 2018

Education and Schools in Minehead and Alcombe Book

Education and Schools In Minehead and Alcombe
By Caroline Giddens
From earliest times
Published 2017

Quakers in Minehead
By Michael Sully
History of the Quakers in Minehead from 1650 to 2015
Published 2015

Please contact us if you are interested in this publication

Minehead Farms
By Shirley Fryer
Our local Farms through the ages
Published 2014

Minehead’s Street Names
By Caroline Giddens
Their derivation and history
Published 2013
Minehead’s Building Stones
By Dr Eric Robinson
A Geological Town Centre Walk
Published 2013