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Minehead Families

MINEHEAD FAMILIES – A research document

For those of you interested in our local history and families who lived in the Minehead area, our historians have been working on a database of families which is now available on the website as a PDF document. You may download the document and search it for any family names of interest to you, or any other words within the document.

The document will be updated from time to time as new information becomes available, and so a ‘last updated’ date will be added in the header section.

Click on the following link – MINEHEAD FAMILIES – to download the document.

How to search the document

This depends on what device you are using to view the document. On a Windows PC with keyboard, press Ctrl + F, then type in the name you are looking for (e.g. Grant). In this example, there are 34 entries which you can scroll through by clicking on the down or up symbol. Some of these take you not to a family name but to a ‘grant’ (e.g. of land), and in a few cases to the town Grantham. On other devices, e.g. a smartphone, look for the ‘search’ symbol (a magnifying glass) and type in your search term. Do let us know how you get on!