Collaboration with Minehead u3a

We are pleased to announce the latest Shared Learning Project with Minehead u3a. Our original proposal was to research the characters depicted in the wonderful 1913 cartoon of the Town Council election. Such has been the enthusiasm from the u3a Genealogy Group for the project, that the group is now proposing to research traders in the town in the 1912-1913 period which will provide a superb snapshot of commerce in Minehead just before the outbreak of World War One.

The large cartoon which prompted the project features the election candidates depicted as their trades: the builder as a brick, the nurseryman as a flowerpot, etc.

We plan to have the cartoon and much of the research on show next year in the museum and we hope that this research will lead to a new title in the Museum Publications series. With the co-operation of the u3a, this background research will be a lasting contribution to understanding life in Minehead more than a hundred years ago.

If you would like to join in the project or have items or photographs that would support next year’s display, please get in touch.