Museum Booklet Series

The Museum has published a number of booklets through Genge Press, which are available for sale in the museum.

Latest Museum booklet published

Sue Lloyd, a former Minehead Museum trustee, has just published her latest book, MINEHEAD TOWN WALKS - Discover the history of Minehead. The town originally consisted of three parts: Higher Town, where the ancient church was built high on North Hill; Lower Town, which became the shopping and business district, and Quay Town, which grew up around the old and present harbour.
Follow our walks around the present town to discover how Minehead developed from a small fishing and trading port into the popular modern seaside resort of today. From the medieval thatched cottages of Higher Town to the seafarersí and merchantsí houses by the harbour; from the fine public buildings of the Victorian era to the beautiful Blenheim Gardens, there is something to see round every corner. Come and explore with us the fascinating history of Minehead.
Price £ 3.00

Earlier this year Museum trustee Caroline Giddens published her latest book, called Education and Schools in Minehead and Alcombe. Thorough research, combined with her own youthful experience of local schools, makes this a fascinating account of education and schools in this area, from Victorian times up to the present day. The author has drawn on old school yearbooks and logbooks, and her own memories will surely strike a chord with those readers who spent their own schooldays in Minehead or Alcombe. You may even find your younger self in one of the class photographs. This book is a valuable contribution to our further understanding of Mineheadís rich social history and sells at £5.00.

This book is the latest in a series of booklets published by the Genge Press for Minehead Museum. The other titles are:

Click for a larger picture Mineheadís Building Stones, by Dr Eric Robinson
A Geological Town Centre Walk
Pub. 2013 £4.00
Click for a larger picture Mineheadís Street Names, by Caroline Giddens
Their derivation and history
Pub. 2013 £3.50
Click for a larger picture Minehead Farms by Shirley Fryer
Our local Farms through the ages
Pub. 2014 £4.50
Click for a larger picture Quakers in Minehead by Michael Sully
From the 1650's to the present day
Pub. 2015 £2.50

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