John Gilman, Friend and Maritime Advisor of Minehead Museum

We are sad to record the death of John Gilman. He was maritime history advisor to the committee in the early days of the Minehead Museum, and gave us his invaluable collection of images of Quay Town and the harbour.

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John grew up in Minehead and spent every summer here until recently. He had many friends here, old and new, especially in Quay Town. His love of ships and maritime history drew him often to the harbour, where he got to know many of the local seamen and sailed, as a boy, on the last Minehead trading ship, the Emma Louise.

He was a multi-talented man, a writer and artist as well as historian. Local people will remember his ghost story, The Girl on the Beach, set in and around the Quay, and now sadly out of print. Minehead also figures in his wartime novel, A Legacy of Smoke, while Minehead harbour and its history are well-documented in Exmoor's Maritime Heritage (Exmoor Books, Halsway, 1999). His book, From Curragh to Ketch, the Story of Minehead's Quay Town, co-written and edited by myself, was first published in 2012 by Genge Press.

Sue Lloyd

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